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Where nature meets science, a magical alchemy occurs.

The Alchemist’s Wife focuses on the whole body. We create body care solutions based on ancient holistic remedies designed to nurture your soul as well as your body. Our products delight in both beauty and substance, and are designed to focus on efficacy, sensory pleasures, with responsible sourcing and packaging.

Ever since I was a little girl, growing up in the 1970’s in a small Southern Illinois town, I have been obsessed with scents. Some take this sense for granted, or perhaps rarely think about it. And yet to me, the power of scent holds memory, tradition, origin, alchemy, nature and identity.

Growing up, I read everything I could get my hands on. In academics, I excelled at my science classes, particularly chemistry. And that is where I fell in love the science of fragrance. Influenced by Luca Turin, a fascinating scientist with a particularly sensitive nose, I could not study chemistry enough. Turin transformed history and defined new theory of smell which changed the world of science, as well as the cologne and perfume industry. Working perfume counters at fine department stores, earned good money as I studied my way through Northwestern University, and landed me several jobs within the industry. Soon my passion for the ancient history and tradition of recipes from France, combined with modern simplicity, organic ingredients, and responsible sourcing – I decided to create my own brand. And this is the Philosophy behind all my products. Where nature meets science, a magical alchemy occurs.

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